The Untold Truth Of Rehab Addict

It would be pretty hard to not love the host of HGTV and DIY Network’s Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis. Every house she renovates clearly finds a special place in her heart, and she keeps the historic charm and details of her homes while giving them a much-needed facelift. But is there more going on than meets the eye? Here’s a look at the untold truth of Rehab Addict.

Dumpster diver One of Curtis’s design mantras has always been, “only garbage goes in the dumpster,” which might explain why her house is decorated entirely with… garbage? She said in an interview with the La Crosse Tribune, “I garbage pick every day. Any given week I pick up things from the garbage. Broken furniture is my favorite because most of the time it’s a quick fix. I have a 4,000 square foot home that’s filled with everything out of the garbage, but I’m okay with it. I staged the entire house off my garbage finds and Craigslist.” Oscar would be so proud. Undecided It took awhile before Curtis decided on real estate as a career: she attended colleges in three different states and switched her major from law to education.

Even now she considers herself a teacher first and foremost, telling Arizona Central “I am still a teacher at heart. My favorite saying is: ‘I love kids; adults, not so much.'” Blonde power After moving to Minnesota, Curtis struggled, surviving for an entire year selling antiques on Craigslist while also getting her real estate license. And then according to an interview with Minnesota Monthly, she got lucky thanks to her hair, of all things. “Coincidentally, there was this really horrific Glamour Shots photo of me on my website, and when a production assistant at Magnetic Productions was scanning for blonde real-estate agents for the show, they saw it.

So I met up with them, and they told me they’d just replaced the original kitchen in a 1920s with a modern one. I said, ‘Oh, that’s horrible.'” And the rest is history. She avoids buying new There’s a reason Curtis is always trying to salvage as much as she can from the original house. She told Country Living that not only does this practice save money and retain the house’s original charm, it also saves time.

“If you go and rip out an old door, I guarantee that you’ll spend two days screaming and hollering trying to fit a new door in an old space. .. to me, ripping out old house parts to put in something new is pretty much like ripping my heart out. Original is always best.” Rehab is in Nicole’s roots Everything Curtis does can be traced to one place: her great grandmother’s home, which she told Minnesota Monthly was sold while she was in high school. “I remember screaming, ‘Why isn’t anyone buying this house?’ My family just let it go. So this whole thing is the result of that post-traumatic stress. I was heart-broken.” She might not have been able to save her great-grandmother’s home, but she did later buy her grandparents’ house, and dedicated season seven to renovating it. Awesome! The title caused problems The title of the show may have been funny to the DIY Network, but Curtis told the Inquisitr that it caused her some major headaches for obvious reasons. “The first year we kicked off Rehab Addict, I had to explain to everyone that it wasn’t about me being a drug addict and that I wasn’t in rehab.” Whoops! It’s a man’s world Like it or not, Curtis is working in a male-dominated field.

And as she told Minnesota Monthly, she’s experienced some blatant sexism — even within her own family! “Some days it might as well be 1925 around here. There are still men that want to speak with my husband. There are people who will explain projects word-for-word to me. “My grandpa is 87-years-old, and he’s just now coming around. Up until the last few years, he was always trying to marry me off. I’d go to his house, and he’d say, ‘Oh, I’ll have one of the boys do that.’ Now I go there, and he has a to-do list waiting for me.” A reality show that’s real Curtis is very open about the fact that Rehab Addict just happens to follow her real life.

Rehabilitating old homes is what she was doing before the show, and she told The La Crosse Tribune that it’s what she’ll continue to do if and when the show ends. “With my first house, I bought an old house and it needed work. The show is off my real life. It’s just kind of what I do. Nothing I do is separate. It’s all wrapped into one. And it’s all self-taught.” LeBron James worked it When it comes to LeBron James, you don’t call him, he calls you. “A few months ago I got a call saying, it’s the LeBron James Family Foundation, we’re gonna do a house renovation for a student, it’s an old home, would you have time to consult.” That sounds like a great chance for some positive PR.

But did the NBA superstar actually do any of the work himself? “Yeah, LeBron has been there every day with me. You know this is a family affair for him. His mom’s out, his wife is out, his boys have been out. TV star and friend of King James? Not bad for a dumpster diver. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know you’ll love, too!.